Our mission

Bridging the digital divide, unlocking potential, making everyone valued

Founded in 2021 by Rev Gail Thompson and based in the London Borough of Lambeth, Millennium Community Solutions is dedicated to providing free coding workshops and digital assistive technology support to individuals of all ages and abilities. Our commitment to inclusive community-building is evident in the range of services we offer.

One of the areas where MCS excels is in our coding workshops. These workshops for all ages are designed to teach valuable skills in a fun and engaging way. By introducing children to the world of coding, MCS is helping to prepare them for the rapidly changing job market. In addition, these workshops can help foster a lifelong love of technology and creativity.

We provide assistive technology & tech advice for people with disabilities. MCS understands that many individuals with disabilities face unique challenges when it comes to accessing technology. Our specialist team works closely with individuals to provide tailored solutions that can make technology more accessible and easier to use.

MCS is dedicated to making a positive impact on our communities. Through our free workshops and support services, we are helping individuals of all ages and abilities to develop valuable skills and access technology in a meaningful way, inspiring others through our commitment to inclusivity and community-building.


Millennium Community Solutions CIC envisions a digitalised, inclusive world where every individual is interconnected and empowered. We are anchored in the belief that through digital connections, people can unlock unparalleled potentials and become invaluable assets to their communities. Our ambition is to bridge the digital divide, ensuring everyone feels valued, and has the tools and platforms they need to flourish.


At the heart of our operations lie our unwavering values, guiding every facet of our endeavour. Whether it’s recruitment, nurturing our team, or our daily work ethos, these principles lead the way. Our decisions aren’t just choices, but reflections of our commitment to excellence. With every step, our primary goal remains consistent: to deliver superior outcomes for those we stand by and support, ensuring their aspirations and wellbeing always come first.


To establish a holistic, person-centric atmosphere where empowerment is paramount. Our vision prioritises individuals’ skill development, fostering genuine and positive interactions. Central to our mission is the cultivation of a strong sense of belonging, ensuring that every person, regardless of background, feels valued and integral to the community’s fabric. We believe that in such an environment, individuals can truly thrive and contribute meaningfully to the world around them.


1. To enable people with learning disabilities and disabled people to unlock their potential through increased participation in work, education and training programmes.

2. Improve digital skills and access to assistive technology devices for people with learning disabilities and disabled people so that they can use the internet and access information and good communication to promote dignity. Information is the foundation for people to be engaged in their health, care and support. Tailored information, that makes it useful for the individual, is the first step to ‘personalisation’.

3. To increase physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing for people with learning disabilities and disabled people.

1. Valuing and developing our people

MCS values employee growth and development through a holistic approach. We offer ongoing training, mentorship programmes and opportunities for skill enhancement. Our inclusive culture fosters collaboration, creativity and a sense of belonging. We believe that investing in our people is key to achieving our shared success.

2. Achieving financial sustainability

MCS is committed to financial sustainability while fulfilling its commitment to multiple communities. We balance our social mission with sound financial practices, seeking grants, donations, and partnerships to fund our initiatives. Our transparent financial management ensures resources are efficiently allocated for lasting community impact.

3. Assuring Quality

MCS upholds unwavering quality standards across all its projects and activities. We implement rigorous quality control measures, conduct thorough reviews, and prioritise continuous improvement. Our dedicated teams consistently deliver excellence, ensuring that our work consistently meets the highest standards of quality.

Digital inclusion

Digital inclusion, or rather, reducing digital exclusion, is about making sure that people have the capability to use the internet to do things that benefit them day to day – whether they be individuals, SMEs or VCSE organisations.

Digital inclusion is often defined in terms of:

  • Digital skills – being able to use computers and the internet. This is important, but a lack of digital skills is not necessarily the only, or the biggest, barrier people face.

  • Connectivity – and access to the internet. People need the right infrastructure but that is only the start.

  • Accessibility – services should be designed to meet all users’ needs, including those dependent on assistive technology to access digital services. Accessibility is a barrier for many people, but digital inclusion is broader.

Each of these definitions addresses a single specific barrier that some, but not all, people and organisations face. There is seldom just one reason why people are digitally excluded, and there is no single approach to solving it.

Digital inclusion is about overcoming all of these challenges, not just one.